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hiya hiya hiya

Well... I think its about time to reactivate this thingy. We have a new member and stuff and there has been interest shown by other members to reactivate this.

Well, I should start by telling you people what i'm reading and have been reading lately. I've recently finished _McSweeney's 11_, _Hunting Midnight_ by Richard Zimmler and the _Light Fantastic_ by Terry Pratchett. At the moment i'm reading _McSweeney's 13_ (couldn't find 12 :(), Richard Matheson's _I am Legend_ and Haruki Murakami's _The Elephant Vanishes_.

Yes, very very eclectic, from the brainless to the brainy. And because of that i'm always reading about 3 or 4 books at a time. I'll comment on books here as i finish them, but in the meanwhile:

What are your reading patterns, do you obseesively read one book? Do you read 10 at the same time? Do you leave a big gap between books or do you have a queue of books waiting?

Ok, my reading idiosyncracies. At the moment my reading system is the following:

I read 3 books at the same time, of which none can share a genre. So now I'm reading a short stories magazine, a Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror book and a "mainstream" one. When I finish one of these, a humourous book will pop in, specifically a Robert Rankin book, when I finish another one a short story book will come in, but not another macsweeneys, followed by a sci-fi/horror etc... Now bear with me, its even more anal retentive then this... you have noooo idea.

I can never read two books of the same series or author inside each genre. Meaning, after the pratchett humourous book i have to read a robert rankin one, when I get around to humourous fiction again and NOT another Pratchett. I'm reading Murakami at the moment because i cannot read the _guardian of the Dawn_ by richard Zimmler because that was the last "mainstream" author i've read... get it?

It's not over... I read these books in a set order (at the moment Matheson, McSweeney's, Murakami) and I make myself read no more or less than 20 pages of each before i change book. Why? I don't know.

And some people say I'm obsessive compulsive... Pffft!
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