Francisco Silva (volcaos) wrote in bookart,
Francisco Silva

another big update - Roger Zelazny - Lord of Light

hmmm mixing pleasure with work. :) This is a sci-fi book like you've never read, earth is gone and mars has been colonised by people with the power to transfer their minds to new bodies, when they are old. Those who founded the colony take Hindu religion as a tool and claim themselves to be gods, they are eternal seeing that they transfer themselves while keeping knowledge from the worshipers (the people) who come to them when they are old to be transfered to new body. According to the caste system, they are submitted to tests and then transfered to a new caste or even to animals if they behaved wrongly.

The book is basically an exercise on how religion can control society, especially Hindu religion, which has lasted forever with a strict hierarchization of society. The main character is Buddha who fights the gods in order to give humans all the technological knowledge and let them make their own lives with free will.

Really good actually. 5/5
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