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Antonio Lobo Antunes - Conhecimento do Inferno (Knowledge of Hell)

Well another very good Lobo Antunes book, this one is also very much autobiographical and a psychiatrist is doing a road trip from Lagos to Lisbon (A trip I've done several dozen times, so I know everything he is talking about, which might be missed by non-pt people). Anyway, that trip is not that important, but the way in which the scenery and everything that surrounds him takes him back to memories of the psychiatric hospital, which actually stands for hell in the novel. It is a big rant on the whole asylum system, in one part the main character makes himself the victim of psychatry becoming a patient. It is all very weird really, but brilliantly written and extremly funny (I know its weird, but you kind of need to be portuguese to get the jokes, I don't know how they can translate his books.)

Also, Lobo Antunes is in my opinion the greatest master of analogy and comparison in the world. So yeah, I´ll be readiong much more of his stuff.


P.S. POST PEOPLE, I'll keep this anyway as a diary of readings, but please post.
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