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new book, post mortem?

i notice that it's a bit quiet in this community, which is also a bit of a shame, because for the past year or so i've been limited to japanese literature old&new, in lack of libraries & reccomendations in this sad land of Italy (they watch movies instead, here, and don't get me wrong oh they have an amazing film culture each and every one of them, but books, and especially foreign books, they've merely heard of them; the library issue on the other side is somewhat ambiguous, as good libraries are there, but borrowing a book is a largely impossible mission, and after spending over an hour in the procedure of liberating Anais Nin, i gave up).

so, inbetween funny short stories of early Tokugawa and good old zuihitsu i've read a good book or two, and right before these exams i've read (fanfare) The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches (by Gaetan Soucy), which would have been written in golden print had CSS allowed. and as good books are many, but difficult to get to, i point out, here, to you, that the abovementioned is possibly the most beautiful book i've read in a very, very long while (and that's counting before japanese popular Edo classics). i almost linked to the page to give some substance to the praise, but one should never read book reviews, especially not for this book. sometimes it seems like the only people who read books are people who shouldn't be allowed to read books (or to talk about them later; or at least to give their opinion aloud). on amazon you'll read that this is a difficult book, that's it's scary, that the plot is rather thin, all kinds of plot details that you don't need to know, and even a couple of statements (book-inspired) that end with question marks. all of which is false. so i reccomend you skip amazon and award yourself with reading a book you don't know anything about. it rarely happens nowadays.
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