Francisco Silva (volcaos) wrote in bookart,
Francisco Silva

M. John Harrison - Virconium

One of the "new weird" founding set of novels, Virconium is a collection of books about breaking convention in Fantasy, with characters like Tomb the giant dwarf and insane characters in the immaginary land of Virconium talking about Blackpool and Venice. It makes for a different read, especially in the way surrealism is explored as a way to transmit fantasy in a more direct and gutural way. Also, the novel _In Virconium_ braks with "sword ans sorcery" fantasy ideas by making a full novel on Painters and their problems in a Virconium affected by the plague, the art world and its backstabbing in a fantasy world. If you read it memorise every name that is ever mentioned, an extra mentioned in passing in the first book might be the main character of the following one. You never know.

The kind of fantasy people should really read. (Stuff Tolkien and his cronies)

4.5/5 (surrealism can get a bit too much)
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