Francisco Silva (volcaos) wrote in bookart,
Francisco Silva

Antonio Lobo Antunes - Memoria de Elefante (Memory of an Elephant)

Hmm Portuguese writer, yay. Also a post 1974 portuguese writer with all the freedom he got from it (we were under a fascist dictatorship before that). So, this is Lobo Antunes first book (you can get him in translation, he is another of those eternal Nobel nominees). So on with the swearing, really good swearing, liberating rough swearing, I loved it.

The story is that of a psychiatrist going through a divorce but the plot is not really important, the writing is. He is an amazing writing, and rarely for a portuguese writer he writes like people talk, he puts formalisms aside and goes with it, he is also a scathing social comentator on all levels of society and people, the best people in the book seem to be the masturbating loonies in the yard of the hospital.
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