adam (rehab_doll) wrote in bookart,

out of sheer boredom i'm gonna cross post this in a couple of book communities

i went to waterstones the bookshop yesterday and it depressed me how many books there were that i wanted but can't afford so now i'm bored and i thought it would be good to see if anyone's interested in swapping a couple of books. not for ever i hasten to add, i may be alone in this but i love all of my books so people had better not rip me off :)

the books i'm after are:

the case of the general's thumb - andrey kurkov

anything by haruki murakami besides the wind up bird chronicles and norwegian wood

the book of disquiet - fernando pessoa

Things & A Man asleep - georges perec

anything by margeritte duras

the yage letters - william burroughs + allen ginsburg

ulysses - james joyce (i realise i may have to borrow this for a while)

anyways i just thought i'd send a post out and people can comment or mail me at and tell me some books or authors they'd be willing to swap

cheers, adam
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