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Update 4 - Jorge Luis Borges - Obras Completas (Complete Works) Volume I 1923-1949

Now this men is one of my gods, as with all complete works books its hard to judge it, because it is composed by a lot of stuff. His first writings when he was about 23 are quite crappy, post teenage poetry about the suburbs of Buenos Aires, and yet you see little glimmers of the men to be in them, poems like "Benares" or "Dacar" (his fantasist poems about places he has never been) are JLB?s invention at its best. In his 1932 collection of essays entitled "Discussiones", (Arguments, discussions?) he brings up many of the themes that will prevade the rest of his work in this book, like the Achilles and the Turtle problem, the Kabbalah, Heaven and Hell etc..

Another book in the collection is " Historia Universal de la Infamia" (A Universal History of Infamy) which is a brilliant research about several Infamous characters like Billy the Kid and Hakim of Merv (the veiled prophet), a character which will again show up in several of his tales. A History of Eternety also gets loads of more material for his tales, Thousand and one nights stuff, Icelandic Edda etc.

The rest of the book is composed by Ficciones (Fictions) and the Aleph. These fantastic tales, are amazing. He uses and abuses going beyond the story, plenty of reviews of non-existing books, tales told as truth by Borges, as autobiographical about non-existing people, references to non-existing authors, tributes to non-existing writers etc.. Just fuckin read it.


Next up: The Idiot by Dostoyevsky and Jorge Luis Borges - Obras Completas Volume II 1952- 1972
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