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Update 3 - Ash : A Secret History by Mary Gentle

ok, this book is about 2200 pages long in normal type, in tiny type its 1113 pages long. About the size of the lord of the rings. This is a book im still undecided about, i finished it today, and I still dont know if I like it, I think that having a talk with the writer might help.

The thing is it takes pplace in an alternate earth, where silicon machines control miracle workers in the 15th century. These miracle workers are Visigothic (a european people long gone by the 15th century) and they are on a kind of crusade to conquest the whole of europe, and especially Burgundy. Now, the story is not as far fetched as it seems, it makes a lot of sense in its own boundaries, very much based on new quantum physics it proposes the existence of a previous past which could have been erased by a capacity to bend probability.

I won't get to much into it, Ill just say that as a story, it is very good, it is also presented as a genuine translation by a english latinist, some university press book with footnotes and all. This is where the wrong bits come in. Firstly the latinist, Pierce Ratcliff, is a shit academic, a complete anachronistic fuckhead. Then he seems to completly ignore a lot of history outside Burgundy and England. Now my problem is, is it the author who is shit or is it the fictional character? And if it is the fictional character is his universe also a parallell one? that would explain it. If not, its a pretty shit frame to a quite good story.

Ash story : 4/5 Academic Frame to the story: 2/5 (unless it is what i said before)
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