Francisco Silva (volcaos) wrote in bookart,
Francisco Silva

update 2 - The Art of War by Sun Tzu

All you need to manage a 100,000 men army. How useful is that? In like under 100 pages.

Not fiction but nonetheless i read it, this books importance today is the fact that it has become a kind of bible for coorporate hounds all over the world. Applying the art of war to buisness techniques, marketing and other shit. The book is rutheless, it teaches you how to win a battle or a war with no moral judgment, just efficience. It works.

Its scary, because its so easy to see how a set of advices on how to destroy human lives efficiently can be transposed to business with almost no loss of meaning. What does this mean about our society?

3/5 (or 5/5 for metaphoric value, which was not the intention of the writer)
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