Francisco Silva (volcaos) wrote in bookart,
Francisco Silva

updates 1 - Alice in Wonderland

hmmm havent posted here, neither has anyone else, but I founded it so I have to do it :)
Finished Alice in wonderland like 2 weeks ago, that man had some serious mushroom action going on. Drugs and druglike stuff is throughout the work, the cookies, the vial, the mushroom etc.

Alice tough, is probably the most annoying person in the ficcional world, and you almost pray that her head comes off. Id imagine that it was quite revolutionary for the time, a bit like Hyeronimous Boschs paintings (also mushroom induced), and it predates the whole surrealist movement by writing in a dreamlike way. Something that became very popular after the whole Freud thing with the surrealists. Still, not a very good plot, just one scene after another as if alice was walking thorough paintings and Carrol is saying, "Look how crazy I am".

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